KOKO's Love: Various Installations, 2016-2018, Mixed media multi-channel video installation, Size variable

KOKO's Love has various manifestations as a video installation and changes form dependent on the related videos and the space. For Antenna in New Orleans, 3 imagined characters or "spiritual guides" (Alligator The Great, Mx. Friendly Beignet, Tombstone Tammy) from Episode 2 greet the visitors in the surreal and wax museum inspired space. Antenna gallery becomes a psychological playhouse for the everyday doubts, anxieties, hopes, and daydreams that come from living as the Sakimoto (KOKO's Love) family.

At Groundspace Project in Los Angeles, the seven KOKO's Love related videos were arranged to transform the space into a mini version of a KOKO’s Love type amusement park with a “Yuki Land” to the left with Yuki’s bedroom setup, a “Spiritual Swamp of New Orleans” straight ahead, and “You’re Married…. Now What?” to the right. These installations are created to transform the physical space and transport the viewer into an immersive KOKO's Love world.

At the Louisiana Tech University's Moffett Gallery, the gallery is transformed into a SMPTE color bar/television test pattern where KOKO's Love stops the continuous normal television programming to bring the audience an alternate view of modern life.