Psychic, 2007, Three-channel video installation, 03:42, Approx. 36’ x 24’ x 8’

The "Three-Minute, Three-Dollar Psychic" explores one's expectations and unfulfillment of those expectations in a humorous ironic performance where relationship issues are addressed. As the most commonly asked question to a psychic is "When will I get married?" this psychic foretells your future in relationships and happiness.... Well…, as much as three dollars can buy. This piece comments on society's desire to consume even when it comes to one's future love life, and that in this world, you get what you pay for -- a breakdown of the mystique and romance associated with psychics and psychic readings.

I built a façade of a stucco house with a doorway that led into a dark room with three rear-projected videos playing, acting as windows for the psychic house. When you walk in, straight across is the psychic, and on the right and left are the other two videos that are all playing simultaneously. The psychic reader pronounced grim predictions in love and life. The other two videos flashed such scenarios as dating, a failed marriage, a happy wedding reception, and a beauty pageant. The psychic addresses the visitors as “you” so that they would feel as if they themselves were having their fortunes read and were left to ponder their own insecurities.