"Disco Sweat" (Reprise 2014), 2014, Single-channel video, 04:32

"Disco Sweat" (Reprise 2014) is a collaboration with Evan Wright, an artist at First Street Gallery in Claremont, California for Thaumatrope, a group show curated by Summercamp's ProjectProject, an artist-run space in Los Angeles. As part of First Street Gallery's Other Eyes Guest Curator Program, they invited artists to collaborate with First Street Gallery artists, and I was very fortunate to be paired with Evan, a blind artist, who although he cannot see with his eyes, creates amazing paintings and sculptures prolifically to themes related to food and pop culture. I think for this reason, I hit it off quite well with Evan, and upon my second meeting with him, he started mimicking Richard Simmons' exercise moves. That was it! I knew I had to collaborate with Evan to create a reprise of Richard Simmons' Disco Sweat exercise video, and this is the "fun"tastic result!