Poop Emoji Goes on the Gong Show, 2015
Performance on April 4, 2015
Eastside International, Los Angeles, California

Gong Show is an experimental performance series that took place at Eastside International in the month of April 2015. According to the curator Molly Shea, Gong Show is “part performance art, part talent show, and part open-mic, and…features a myriad of acts and pushes the boundaries of taste and criticism while trying to decipher what is entertainment. The Gong Show took on the format from Chuck Barris' 70's TV show by the same name, and Eastside International was “transformed into a sleazy performance venue to appropriately house the acts.”

The Poop Emoji appeared on the Gong Show to do a stand-up routine to talk about her social anxieties about having to deal with embarrassing public restroom situations and etiquette, a scatological humor piece.