Yoshie Sakai on Our Prime Property, 2016, Single-channel video, 04:25

Our Prime Property’s Agenda: “Artists usually apply, send, submit, ask, journey, archive, press, place, and insert their artwork into "locations". OPP is about artists placing their artwork in an ideal setting. It is dreaming. OPP gives artists the license to tell others where their ideal setting is for their artwork.”

Founder: Diana-Sofia Estrada

I was asked by Our Prime Property to place my work in its ideal setting, so I decided to place my current body of work KOKO's Love, a hybrid East-Asian/Asian-American soap opera I created, into my model location for the series. Every KOKO’s Love video installation has and will have different manifestations dependent on the associated videos and the space. The melodramatic and highly addictive narrative genre of the soap opera fascinates me, not only for its outrageous characters and scenarios, but also for how it touches upon the most fundamental emotions and at times spews familiar life lessons and moral clichés that are highly accessible.

As I create more videos and installations for the KOKO’s Love series, real estate and the necessity of housing my work becomes of primary importance. So for Our Prime Property (OPP), I have made myself a real estate agent for OPP that has sought and procured a permanent home for KOKO’s Love so that I would never have to deinstall again. Because my passion is the quotidian, an actual house would be a perfect final resting place for my work. This location, 3718 St. Claude Avenue, in New Orleans, Louisiana is a real place with significance, as I will be exhibiting KOKO’s Love on the second floor, which is the exhibition space for the community visual and literary arts organization called Antenna. In reality I will be taking it all down after a month’s time, but my deep heartfelt thanks goes out to Our Prime Property for letting me live the dream.