KOKO's Love: About Yuki (College Edition), 2017, Three-channel mixed media video installation, 5’ x 7’ x 9’ tall

Within this three-channel video installation, only one channel served as the actual television. It played KOKO’s Love: About Yuki, edited down from the original KOKO’s Love: Episode 1 to focus on the daughter Yuki’s character, followed by You’re Married... Now What?, a 1960’s television newlywed talk/game show that goes back in time to introduce the beginnings of the relationship between the liquor store owner Hiroshi and his wife Keiko.

A video where an elderly Keiko and Hiroshi give relationship and life advice played on a digital picture frame on Yuki’s college dormitory bookshelf, while another monitor above her desk mimicked a window and played MRS. or NOT?, focusing on Yuki’s character as she matures into a more confident ULA (University of Los Angeles) college student and able to stand up to Renee, her childhood nemesis. 

All are part of Yuki’s physical and mental world and college dormitory room. Yuki is the socially oppressed daughter of Hiroshi, the owner of KOKO’s Liquor in the soap opera series KOKO’s Love. This installation and the series of short character video vignettes offer a glimpse into her personal and emotional world.