Curry Fairy Cooking Show, 2011, Single-channel video installation, 09:38, Dimensions variable

“I will have countless ones (kitchens), in my heart or in reality. Or in my travels. Alone, with a crowd of people, with one other person—in all the many places I will live. I know that there will be so many more.“ –Banana Yoshimoto from her novel Kitchen.

The kitchen is or is a vehicle for something extraordinary or something extraordinarily ordinary. It is a metaphor for the world as well as a psychological and functional space. Many are defined by the kitchen. Perhaps the secret to life this time around is in the kitchen. The Curry Fairy Cooking Show is part of a video installation where I investigate the "kitchen" and its related aspects from the functional to basically, the kitchen as an emotional hub. The "Curry Fairy" represents both the practical and the magical.

This video was simultaneously projected onto kitchen-related items such as a string of aprons and carved styrofoam kitchen appliances.